More about Orphan Works

What is orphan work and what does it mean for ukrainian photographer?

An orphan work is a copyrighted work for which the copyright owner cannot be contacted. In some cases, only the name of its creator or copyright owner is known, and no other information can be established. A work can become an orphan because the copyright owner is unaware of their ownership, or the copyright owner has died, or the copyright owner is a company that has gone out of business, and it is not possible to establish to whom ownership of the copyright has passed. In other cases, the author and origin of a work simply cannot be determined, even after great diligence has been conducted.

Precise figures of orphan works are not readily available, even though libraries, archives and museums hold a vast number of them. In April 2009, a study estimated that the collections of public sector organisations in the UK hold about 25 million orphan works. Examples of orphan works include photographs that do not note the photographer, such as photos from scientific expeditions and historical images, old folk music recordings, little known novels and other literature. 

Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers recently received communication about new UK legislation on “orphan works” copyrights has been rushed through the British parliament and can change  the means of usage of orphan works.

See more here: http://ukrainianphotographers.com/uk-copyright-threat/


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