Federation of European Photographers: key insights

FEP Keys

The voice of Professional Photographers in Europe recognised by the European Institution and officially registered in Belgium since 1997 .Associations from all the Council of Europe member countries may join.

A network of 33 National Professional Photographers Associations from 29 European Countries It truly represents over 50.000 Professionals Photographers in Europe .

FEP defends the right of the Professional Photographers directly and in communion with national and international organisations.
In 2011 it joined the UEAPME, the European Association of craft, small and medium-sized enterprises and the IPC International Photographic Council at the UN.


- FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards
- FEP Photo Book of the Year Award


- EP


The Federation of European Professional Photographers has introduced since 1999 a single system of qualifications which is recognised and accepted by the FEP member associations within Europe. The QEP standard is very high.
With 27 judging sessions since 1999 and over 450 qualified photographers out of 20 countries QEP has turned out to become the reference in professional photography throughout Europe.


The Federation of European Professional Photographers has inaugurated the title of MQEP (MASTER Qualified European Photographer) amongst the best QEP photographers. It’s the highest distinction for Professional Photographers in Europe.

50 top photographers since 2005 have already been given a Master QEP degree for their supreme quality.

The FEP also launched in 2013:

- the new FETA (FEP Emerging Talent Awards), dedicated to the students and young photographers
- the EP (European Photographer) qualification a new pan-European basic quality assurance certification achievable online


The FEP helps the organisation of national events - The FEP organises every 2 years the FEP INTERNATIONAL PHOTODAYS (last event in Gmunden, Austria, April 2013)

Qualification sessions and educational events may be hold throughout Europe under request and in cooperation with the Member Associations (Last event “Inspiration Camp”, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 2013).

Presentation kindly provided by Martina Scozzi (Executive Assistant/ FEP Secretariat)