“From the Varangians to the Greeks” Exhibition by Arthur Bondar

We are pleased to congratulate Arthur Bondar on the opening of his personal photography and multimedia exhibition “From the Varangians to the Greeks”!

Bondar_Arthur_From_the_Varangians_to_the_Greeks_1 “From the Varangians to the Greeks” is nothing but an attept to understand those facts taking place in the present with our country and our land. An attempt to have an alternative picture of our lives and people, who lived in harmony with nature and gathered profound knowledge and understanding, from the very first steps of settling on the banks of the Dniper. This project is a narrative about plain people, showing that on the both banks of the River we are truly alike, it makes us have a deep thought about our future. (trabslation of author’s exhibition commentary excerpt)

The exhibition shall take place until September 24, 2013. “Art-Prychal” gallery, Naberezhno-khreshchatytska street, berth No. 2.

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