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Daria Gladkova

My name is Daria Gladkova. I am a professional beauty and fashion photographer. Born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine.

I started my career in photography 8 years ago as a retoucher and  photographer’s assistant.

In 2017,  I made photo shoot, which became popular, spread around the world and became the trend of Instagram – it was photo shoot in red glitter on Miami Beach, USA.

Then I continued my career as a fashion and beauty photographer, successfully participating in the filming of videos and shooting personal photo shoots, covers of singles and releases of celebrities, bloggers of Ukraine and USA such as Svetlana Loboda, Nyusha, Santa Dimopulos, Alla Kostromicheva, Miss Columbia Adriana Gutierrez, KAZKA and a lot of another one.

In 2018, included the TOP 100 photographers according to the photo contest 35 photo.

Was part of the team of the popular travel show Heads and Tails (TEFI Award for Best Lifestyle Entertainment Program)

Presented my photos at the RAW Artist art conference at the beginning 2020.

My work were published in such magazines as: L’officiel, Cosmopolitan, Elements magazine, Grazia.