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Helen Vechurko

Helen Vechurko is Ukrainian portrait photographer and director currently based in
Lisbon, Portugal. She claims her works are attempt to capture fickle moment’s of beauty
in non-conventional way. There is a story to be told by each image. She combines
research and planning with improvisation. Helen doesn’t put her in the boundaries of a
single style. Every picture is a discovery of new exciting ways to tell the story.
Her personal projects rises social questions as understanding of gender and
acceptance by the society.
After shift to Lisbon last year she created series of portraits of drag queens which has
been exposed at international festival Todos in Lisbon as a part of exhibition S?o
Vicente de Fora Para Dentro. The exhibition was opened to the public on 19-22
September 2019 at Escola Oficina n.? 1.
At the moment she shoots fashion and portrait sessions and works at her project on
perception of sexuality, which she plans to expose at the solo exhibition. Also she is
about to launch a social project which will help people in need to get professional
headshots for their CVs and tell their stories to reach individuals and companies who
might help them to move forward with their career.
She has overall 14 years of experience in visual content creation. Before starting career
in photography and directing Helen used to work for several international publishing
houses obtaining positions of shooting producer, fashion editor and stylist.