Ogloblin Vladimir


My photographic travelling is inspired with the following spectacular quote: R. Bradbury – «See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream!»

Born in Kharkov, year 1954.

Studied in schools № 23, 44.

In year 1980 graduated Kharkiv National University (department of history), where for the first time (in year 1978) “encountered”photographic art.

Years 1978 – 1989 – “amateur” period; years 1990 – 2013 – professional work

within the field of fineart and commercial photography (advertising agency “Iris”, Kharkov).

Member of the National Society of Photo Artists
of Ukraine (NSPAU) (since 1989),  and The Russian Union of Art Photographers (since 1994).

Laureate of national and abroad photography exhibitions, fine art photography competitions and diapositives:Kharkov, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Riga, Tartu, Moscow, Kiev, Lviv, Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kerch, Prague, Helsinki, Lille, Paris, Munich, Nuremberg, Cheleford (Norway). More than 30 personal exhibitions.

Winner of the IV National photographic competition “Nature” (Ivano-Frankivsk), year 2002;  Winner of the photographic competition “Russian Pressphoto” (Moscow), year 2002; Grand prix of teh photographic competition “Bisphorus agons” (Kerch), year 2006; Laureate of the 2-nd International photosalon “PAnoramic view of my homeland” (Kyiv), year 2011.

Laureate of the municipal Award “Person of the year. 2004″, Kharkiv.

Laureate of the regional competition “National recognition – 2008″, Kharkiv.

Author’s works are introduced in more than 20 published books and photo albums.

Photo expeditions

1988 – Turkmenistan (Kum), the Arkhangelsk region (Lake Keno);
1989 – Tuva (oz.Azas, the upper reaches of the Yenisei, Mongun Taiga oz.Kungurtuk) Fan Mountains.
1990 – Central Asia (Kyzyl Kum, GG Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Urgench), Altai
(Rafting on the river. Katun), Ural Mountains (headwaters. Kosyu, top Manaraga);

1991 – Arctic (Franz Josef Land), Taimyr (Plateau tableland);

1992 – Tien-Shan (West and Central);

1994 – Yakutia, Kolyma (Lake Jack London, Ridge Range, p. Indigirka);

1995 – Yakutia, Kolyma (Lake Labynkyr, the upper reaches of the Kolyma river, Oymyakonsky district);

1996 – Yakutia, Kolyma (gold mines, p. Moma, ridge Cherskogo), Karelia
(Lake Onega, Kizhi);

1997 – Polar Urals (the top bell, rafting on the river. Kosyu);

1998 – The White Sea (Solovetsky Islands);
1999 – Carpathians (Verhovensky and Kosovo regions);

2000 – Karelia (National Park Vodlozero), Arkhangelsk region (Lake of Luz and the White Sea coast);
2001 – Karelia (b. Ileksa, Vodlozero), France (Lille, Paris);
2002 – Chukotka (Cape Dezhneva, the Bering Strait, the Gulf of Lawrence, Providence Bay, Cross Bay, r.Anadyr);
2003 – Carpathians, Karelia (Vodlozero National Park, the White Sea, Pomorie)
Altai Mountains (Sumultinsky Ridge Lake. Uymen);
2004 – Carpathians, Crimea, Kharkiv region (p. Neskuchnoye);

2005 – Yakutia, reserve “Lena Pillars” (p. Lena, p. Buotama, p. Blue);

2006 – Polar Urals (rafting r.Kos-Yu, a mountain of Crimea;

2007 – Mountain Crimea, Karelia (Vodlozero National Park, the White Sea, “Pomerania”);

2008 – Crimean Mountains, Kolyma (Magadan Oblast), the Kingdom of Norway

(Northern regions: Finnmark, Troms).

2009 – Western Siberia (New Urengoy), Yakutia (Oymyakonsky district), Altai Mountains (Chuiski, r.Chuya, r.Katun);

2010 – Western Siberia (Tyumen Region), Kolyma (Ola district, the Sea of Okhotsk)

2011 – Yakutia (Lena River. From Vitim to the Laptev Sea. 3500km).
2012 – Yakutia (Yakutsk), Murom (Vladimir region), the Volga region (Penza region. Tarkhany, scans the convent), Latvia.