Yevhen Samuchenko


Yevhen Samuchenko, AFIAP- (the creative alias Q-lieb-in), travel-photographer.
Yevhen\’s works was published in magazines, books and / or online versions of the following editions and media: The Times, N-Photo, Bruckmann Publisher, National Geographic, Wikimedia, Story Terrace, BBC, BuzzFeed, on official UNESCO and NIKON websites, and also in many other publications. Yevhen helps to fill Wikipedia with a high-quality photos . At this moment he has transferred more than 150 of his works for free use in Wikipedia.
Yevhen\’s photos were exhibited at photo exhibitions in United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Italy, India, Ukraine, USA and China.
Judge of international photo contests. Finalist and prize-winner of many major international photo contests. At this moment among the numerous Yevhen\’s awards – 4 gold medals FIAP, LifePressPhoto Silver medal and HIPA Merit medal
Yevhen Samuchenko: \”Inspired by Mother Nature and the Universe, Yevhen photographs nature and street scenes, but is particularly attracted to night shooting for its slow pace – \”you can break away from the bustle of the day, and because of the long exposure shooting process does not interfere with the contemplation of the starry sky. Consciously watching the majestic night sky, Yevhen feels like a single particle of the Universe, merging into a single whole with it. I try to create a synergy of photo-professionalism with the \”boyish\” approach. LIFE is in my lens. My work is very simple, and sometimes they seems extremely difficult, but at the same time they are all very simple and happy – it\’s carefree with a touch of mischief. The beauty is near – just stop for a moment and look around! ”

Город: Одесса

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Почта: qliebin.photographer@gmail.com