European Photographer (EP) Qualification

A Europe-wide qualification for professional quality imaging.

Invitation The FEP has established a new European qualification accessible for those photographers who are a member of the national photographers associations that are a member of the FEP.
The European Photographer (EP) qualification aims to recognise competence and a professional standard for those who earn their lives as Professional Photographer.

Eligibility for EP Qualification (summary):

To be eligible to apply for an EP Certificate the candidate:

• must earn a living as a maker of still images., either photochemical or digital
• must be a member of a national professional photographers association that is member of the Federation of European Professional Photographers, unless otherwise agreed by the relevant FEP member associations. Application by non members can be accepted providing they are professional photographers legally registered and resident in European countries where there are not FEP member national associations to represent them. They must show their VAT registration number or certificate of professional insurance which will be validated by the FEP.
• may be self-employed or an employee.
• must have operated as a professional photographer for at least three consecutive years.
• must fulfil the necessary requirements in technical skills and achieve an acknowledged standard (determined by the FEP) necessary to uphold a professional status.
• must satisfy the requirements for professional practice skill, which will be assessed by the FEP member national association.
• must accept the FEP European Code of Professional Conduct.
Submission of Work
• each candidate must submit online a panel of twelve images, colour or monochrome or a mixture.
• each submission must be accompanied by the online EP application form.
• the panel must contain 12 images of a single photographic specialisation (commercial, portrait, wedding etc., as indicated in the application form), or 6 images of a single photographic specialisation and 6 of any other.
• submission and judging will be entirely online
• the submitted images will be judged by 3 international judges. EP candidates need 2 VOTES OUT OF 3 to be deemed successful.
• anonymity of the candidates will be respected at all times.
• if the application is submitted by a photographer who is not member of a FEP member association, he/she may be asked to submit, beyond the registration number as indicated above, some evidence of the professional status.
• the appropriate application fee must also accompany the submission.
• successful EP photographers will receive a digital certificate, and a plastic film sticker to display on their window or door. They will also be given a handbook containing advice on how best to exploit the qualification in their marketing.
• the EP certificate will last 4 years (48 months), by which time the holder should be encouraged to apply for a QEP certificate or reapply for the EP certificate again. A failure will mean loss of the EP qualification.
• EP certificate holders may apply for a QEP qualification at the first available session. To apply for the QEP certificate they must be members of an FEP national association.
• unsuccessful candidates will receive from the FEP a constructive critique of their panel indicating why, on this occasion it has not been successful.
• these candidates may then repeat the application process once free of charge at the first available judging session, and in any case within 6 months.
• An application fee of € 50,00 is due to cover the costs, such as venue charges, certification, jury expense, etc. Candidates have to send their fees via Paypal (with credit card).


The Jury will be drawn from delegates nominated annually by the national organisations within their relevant QEP and Master QEP holders, and then selected by the EP Jury Chairman.

Copyright and Releases

The copyright of all images submitted remains with the copyright holder. It is vital that the candidate obtains the permission of the client and/or the copyright holder and any relevant model release forms, where appropriate before submitting the work.
You can find the full rules and regulations and an online application form on the FEP web site.

The EP label can be considered as a European Drivers Licence for Professional Photographers. It can be a valuable part of the photographers’ marketing strategy. It also is a guarantee for the client that the photographer fulfils the necessary requirements in technical skills and achieves an acknowledged professional standard determined by the FEP, the Federation of European Professional Photographers.
The EP logo can be used on the photographers web site and on all his professional contacts.

Don’t wait. Apply today for your EP qualification.

Johan Brouwers Chairman of the EP jury

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