Palinchak Mikhail

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Mikhail Palinchak is Ukrainian street, reportage and documentary photographer residing and working in Kyiv, Ukraine. Born January 1985 in Uzhgorod, Ukraine into photographic family. Starts photography in 2008. Since 2012 member of Ukrainian Photographic Alternative (UPHA) and member of Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers (UAPF) since 2014. Numerous awards, exhibitions and publications around the world.

Publications in: The New York Times, Esquire, El Mundo, The Atlantic, The Guardian, Forbes, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Le Monde, Le Figaro, Liberation, Politiken, Bloomberg, Der Spiegel, Stern, ParisMatch, Newsweek, Financial Times, The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe, The Japan Times, The Telegraph, The Washington Times, The Wall Street Journal, Daily Mail, de Standaard, Press, Le Point, The Times, New York Post, Bird in Flight, Reuters, AFP, AP, doc!, Gup Magazine, Focus, Novoe Vremya, KyivPost, PHOTO+, The Village Ukraine, National Geographic Ukraine, Reporter e.t.c.

Main exhibitions:
2017 Dec / Jan 2018 — Personal exhibition NonAbstract Art in Museum of Odessa Modern Art, Odessa, Ukraine;
2017 Nov/Dec — «Roadtrip» group exhibition in Nowe Miejsce on Warsaw Photo Days 2017, Warsaw, Poland;
2017 November — Exhibition on PHOTO KYIV art-fair, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2017 April/May — Group exhibition «Contemporary landscape» in NU ART Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2015 January/February — Personal exhibition «Fragments» in HudGraf Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2015 January/February — 157 RPS International Print Exhibition in Royal Albert Hall, London, UK;
2014 November — Group show «Euromaidan: The True Story» in Embassy of Ukraine in Tbilisi, Georgia;
2014 July — Group street photography exhibition EASTREET 2 in Warsztaty Kultury, Lublin, Poland;
2014 March/April — Group exhibition «rEvolution, UKRAINE: Defending Liberty & Dignity» in A/NT Gallery, Seattle, USA;
2014 January/February — Exhibition of contemporary art «Insomnia» in ILKO Gallery, Uzhgorod, Ukraine;
2014 January — Group exhibition «Euromaidan: The True Story» in 8BIT Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2013 May — Exhibition of contemporary art «Fragmentation» in ILKO Gallery, Uzhgorod, Ukraine;
2012 December — Mixed-media group project «LIGHT of ART: HOUSE in HOUSE» in M17 Contemporary Art Center, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2012 March/April — Exhibition of contemporary art «INDIFFERENT» held in Transcarpatian museum J. Bokshai, Uzhgorod, Ukraine;


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Почта: mpalinchak@gmail.com