Sarakhanov Sergei


Sergei Sarakhanov is the creator of “human visuals” style, photographer and movie director, photography teacher.

He was born in 1988 in Far North, in Apatity city (Russia). Sergei has graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts with a specialization in “Photography teacher and movie director”. Currently he lives in Kyiv (Ukraine) and works hard on the international projects.

He has been professionally engaged in visual practices for over 10 years and specializes in the making of photos and videos that reflect the people’s character and acquaint with their unique stories.

Man being such a complex and multifaceted creature is the highest value in the works of Sakhanov. He implements projects that tell about the diversity of people’s inner emotions, their destiny, life experience and creative activity.
Sergey has worked with such extraordinary personalities as David Lynch, Yasmine Hamdan, Fin Greenall (known professionally as Fink), Sergei Polunin, Ralph Appelbaum, Pierre Dukan, Janusz Leon Wisniewski, Jamala, Renata Litvinova, Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Vera Polozkova and many others.

Sergey is the author of unique training programs of portrait photography. When interacting with the students, he pays maximum attention to the awareness of their photographic process and the content of their photos.

Besides the regular shooting activity, Sarakhanov holds the master classes, lectures and workshops and tutors his students individually.
Since 2010 he has held over 100 workshops and about 30 courses as a teacher.

His personal exhibition: «Герои» (Heroes), 2008, gallery «Рабфак» (Saint-Petersburg); «The Eyes», 2008, gallery «Квартал» (Saint-Petersburg).

Sergei is the creator of the visual image projects for Nike, Red Bull, Puma, Hennessy, Vodka Finlandia, Canon, Lenovo, Huawei, LG.
He is the winner of the “Best photographer 2010” and Grand Prix awards for “The Eyes” photo project. The work was honorably mentioned by David Clark, who is the head of the photographic direction of the gallery Tate (London).

The ability to share experiences with each other is the most important motivation of our civilization and the ability to create meaningful shots is our chance to tell the viewer about the people and stories that we know and doing so, to give them a particle of immortality.

Sergei Sarakhanov believes that photography is a visual language, he studies and practices it for over 10 years and actively shares his experience with his students.
Besides the extensive practical experience in photography, Sergei has the pedagogical education in the field of art.

Since 2009 over hundred master classes, courses and lectures have been held in dozens of cities. Sergei in cooperation with Amlab.me portal has also developed and recorded three unique video courses.

During the training, Sergei focuses on a detailed study of the person who is the main character of the picture and the usage of the right visual tools to express the key idea. At the same time he works at the formation of the author’s style of students and their aesthetic development.

This format of teaching involves intensive photographic practice and active learning of various visual content.

Training is conducted in several modes, such as: master class, individual online-course or full-time group course. This is done so that everyone can choose the most convenient type of training. There are several types of training: master class, individual online-course or classroom group course, so everyone can choose the most convenient one.


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